High class Model’s agency, Germany, Munich

Model’s agency represents its and foreign female and male models on the German model’s market. Represents and does not employ!


Our agency will represent: fashion, commercial and sport male models and fashion, commercial, curvy, +size, sport and petite model.


Our agency will always have a few 10 models from abroad  “on stay”I the city and 2x or 3x more at home and call them on direct booking only. By direct bookings, all costs pay the costumer and not our agency. Our agency will have all the time a few 10 our models “on stay” on the other markets as well. Models have to change the locations per 1-3 months because each market has to hungry ob their new images = photos from new markets.


Its models = our models – we are their mother agency. We take 20% commission of their gross income of each job on the German market and 10% commission when they work on any of foreign markets

Foreign models = models from other local agencies from abroad. They come to us for 1-3 months and we pay 10% commission of their gross income to the mother agency.

We = the agency also takes 20% of each model’s job from the customer because the agency gives a model to him.


Each agency must credit the model from abroad who invited it to “on stay”: return airfare, accommodation and pocket money (50 euro). If we want the money from the models to stay in our agency, the agency must have its own accommodations our own hostel. Also, the hostel can prepare meals for models, sell non-alcoholic beverages from machines. All spending is deducted from the net earnings of the model, which is ultimately reflected in the statement sent by our agency to the email model and its mother agency. Our agency will organize “A model’s school” = catwalk, makeup and styling course with one shooting test as well, for new young models. Each candidate will pay 1000 euro/course. 20 per month


Our agency will organize “A hostess sales promoters school” = makeup, styling, service skills, promotional and self-promotion skills, for inexperienced candidates who do not have standards for models, but can act as promoters and hostesses at shopping centers , trade shows, events, competitions, … Each candidate will pay 1000 euro/course. 20 per month.


Each customer has to pay 200 – 300 euro per hostess’s working day and we – the agency will take 20% of each model’s income.


Our agency will represent also actors and actresses. Each customer will pay 20% commission of each job with each of our actors to him/her. Our agency will take 20% of each artist job we connected to him


Our agency will represent also: fashion and commercial photographers, stylists, makeup artists. Each customer will pay 20% commission of each job with each of our artists to him/her. Our agency will take 20% of each artist job we connected to him.


The investment


Our new agency need:


The headquarters of the agency in very good location with nice furniture, computers, phones and all other technical office supplies and materials.


Hostel with all furniture. (rent or much better buy).


Big image

1 person will take care of only P.R., always refreshing website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube.


Booker agents:

5 good and very experienced models booker agents

1 good and very experienced talent scout

2 good and very experienced hostess booker agents

1 good an very experienced artist booker agent (photographers, makeup artists, stylists)

1 good and very experienced actors booker agent


Other staff:

1 receptionist

1 good and very experienced business secretary

1 director & supervisor  ME


Hostel manager

1 Receptionist



Accounting service

Cleaning service


The conclusion:

The success of a high-class model’s agency depends primarily on the initial input, as the best models want to be part of a powerful agency. A strong agency, however, means that employees are the most experienced, satisfied and highly motivated people. These people, however, can be highly motivated if they are very well paid. This is similar to football: anyone who can buy excellent players and the coach also has excellent results at the end. I know for myself, I have learned a lot in 26 years and gained a lot of experience and contacts. I need only a wealthy investor who understands that such an agency needs a great glittering image and the right people, which I can easily acquire with the investor’s generously help. I deliberately did not include prices because I want from my description each investor himself gets a sense of how big the investment is. The offer consists of realistically many segments and sub-segments, and many could, insofar as they would like to limit the costs to a minimum, also completely eliminated. But we must, however, recognize that this complexity of various activities gives the agency an incredible potential for its future. I want to know how much do you think is enough for the generally investor ? I will give whole “Now how”, all my skills and experiences to run the agency without any money. We should share 50 %: 50% of benefits.


Thanks for your time and kind regards,