Host Bollywood Concert

Our project on 30th of March 2018 plan


We made our preparation to host Bollywood Concert on 30th March 2018.

We already communicate with the artist and we got the offer from them.


We are targeting one of the best Bollywood stars Salman Khan along with Da Bang Band to perfume in Abu Dhabi in one of the big stadium.


The artist list will be:


  1. Salman Khan
  2. Katrina kaif
  3. Suhail Khan ( Director of the band)
  4. Arbaz Khan
  5. Jacquelyn Fernandez
  6. Sonakshi Sinha
  7. Prabhudeva
  8. Manish Paul Anchor



Our Target Audience :


35.000 +


Venue :



Zayed Sports City  ( can accommodate 46000 + )


Zayed  Cricket Stadium  ( can accommodate 30000+ )


Required ASAP:


We required investor for this project as a short-term investment with guarantee as the below plan:


Investment plan for one project:


Investment Amount 2 Million USD
Duration of the investment 1 Year




International Agreement between both parties
Security Cheque of the total amount dated with interest
Monthly interest of 1.5 % in total in the agreement end is 18%




Our preparation for the event is ready to go, we required the investment deal to be done ASAP if agreed that because the offer from the artist will expire within 10 days.



The long-term partnership or investment plan to make 10 events per year in deferent cities in UAE and also Saudi Arabia as you know now KSA is open for Entertainment as per the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and we have planned to open branch and routine all the events between UAE and KSA in the future.

Therefore the total investment amount required is 10 million US dollars with partnership share of 35 to 40 % of the company.



Many thanks,